RIEGL & Esri collaboration

The RIEGL and Esri collaboration in a nutshell:

With significant improvement in recent years to the capability and ease-of-use of RIEGL LiDAR scanners, the ability to leverage the highly accurate data sets produced enable them to be leveraged for a wide variety of on-site tasks. The challenge has now shifted to best practices for managing these big data sets, especially when combined with other project data such as BIM, CAD and UAS over flights. This project demonstrates how the different data sets can not only be stored together in one location but are easily viewed and shared with interested parties through light weight web applications on a wide variety of connected devices in a secure environment.


The RIEGL and Esri project at the Riegl headquarter Development:

Targeting the AEC market, RIEGL & Esri are working together to demonstrate their combined capabilities to collect, store, manage, analyze and visualize all types of construction data in both 2D & 3D. Data types such as LiDAR scans (terrestrial & airborne), BIM (Revit models), CAD (architectural plans), UAS orthophotos, and field collected information are included. 


Short Description:

Leveraging Esri’s newest web GIS technologies such as web applications, data sets that historically were to large to display except on powerful desktop computers can now be accessed via the web in either a desktop browser (i.e. Chrome), tablet (i.e. iPad), or smartphone from anywhere with an internet connection. Capabilities include 3D point cloud visualization, compare and change detection using the available 2D swipe tool, and distance and area measurements in both 2D & 3D. Data sets are secured using Esri’s ArcGIS On Line authentication and different permissions to access and use the data can be managed via profiles. Benefits include sharing of information with various project stakeholders in an intuitive easy to use interface.

Goals and Vision:

This project is designed to showcase capabilities and opportunities of combining RIEGL's LiDAR scanning together with Esri’s ArcGIS Platform to improve project efficiencies and provide better communications between stakeholders. Enabling easy access to both pre and post construction information combined with the ability to perform simple analysis such as measurements and change detection will expand opportunities with this type of project.

First Achievements:

By the end of May 2020, the following data sets were loaded and available via the web applications:

- 2 color orthophotos collected by DPR’s drone.
- 5 terrestrial LiDAR scans represented as hill shaded DTMs.


- 6 terrestrial LiDAR scans streamed into the web app and displayed
   as classified, colorized or elevation point clouds.
- Revit BIM, including the capability to turn on/off numerous different
   features such as the structure, walls, doors, floors, and many others


Future Outlook:

As more LiDAR, drone and other types of big data are generated during the construction process, the ability to easily manage, visualize and share the information on almost any connected device will dramatically improve the usability of these tools and increase their value.


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