Technology Showcase:
Construction Monitoring and Model Creation

The RIEGL North America headquarters building is currently under construction in Winter Garden, Florida.

This state-of-the-art technology building will carry out sales, support, service and training for RIEGL’s North American users.

The construction of the building has presented a unique opportunity to the RIEGL organization to conduct their own construction monitoring project of the facility. 

Scans of the facility are being conducted one to two times per week with the RIEGL VZ-400i terrestrial laser scanner by both RIEGL and DPR Construction to highlight different milestones in the construction timeline and to create 3D point clouds of those specific milestones.

Additional scans have also been taken with the RIEGL VZ-2000i long range terrestrial laser scanner.
In June 2020, DPR and RIEGL will additionally partner to deploy a DJI M600 with a RIEGL miniVUX-1UAV unmanned LiDAR sensor on the job site to capture unmanned aerial scans of the site.



Pre-Construction: This is a true color view of the land where the building is currently being constructed. This shows the land prior to construction and land clear, showcasing what the property looked like before any work was done.

January Building Update: This is a true color view from January 2020 that shows the property while it is undergoing excavation and the beginning of the wooden frame being set for the concrete footers of the building.

March Building Update: This highlights the progress that had been done from January through March. Over that course of time, excavation had been done, concrete footers had been poured, the elevator shaft had been constructed, and the foundation has been poured and set.

April Building Update: By April 2020, the building had progressed to exterior walls being constructed onsite, lifted and set into place, as well as steel beaming and joists beginning the process of erection for the first floor.

May Building Update: May 2020 brought further progress and steel work to the RIEGL North America headquarters. This true color data screenshot shows the addition of steel beams and joists to help begin the construction of the second floor and mezzanine of the facility.

Riegl laser scanner for surveying and mapping